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1:1 lessons are £58 Per Hour

Group sessions are £18.00 each




* Give notice of one full term if you wish to give up your place in the studio.

* Attend all group lessons and Suzuki Violin Richmond Concerts.

* ​Become a member of the London Suzuki Group or British Suzuki Institute. I recommend choosing LSG as it entitles you to take part in events organised by either organisation.

* Pay term fees in full. On or before your first lesson of term.

* Your child should not be having violin lessons with another teacher whilst enrolled in this studio. This includes lessons offered at school.  

* The main Suzuki parent should attend all individual lessons. Except in cases of illness or other reason previously discussed with myself.

* The main Suzuki parent should also attend group lessons and be the main practice partner at home. 

Group Lessons

Group lessons are not a fun extra. They are an integral part of the method you have chosen for your child. The children are learning invaluable ensemble skills that apply to playing with any chamber group or orchestra. Groups continue on from individual lessons and there are lots of technical and musical points to make note of. Please watch the lesson and write down any specific spots to work on at home. 

The Woodville Centre is a day centre for elderly people with Alzheimers. Please be sensitive to this fact and be calm and respectful when using the building. 

 Arrive at least 5 minutes early to get instruments out and use to the bathroom.

If you arrive late to the group, please come in quietly and wait for a suitable time to join the class.

Please respect the space and keep noise to a minimum.


Cancellation Policy

In the event that you cancel a lesson, no refund can be given for any reason (including illness or prearranged vacation).  In the event that I miss a lesson, you may choose a refund or to have the lesson rescheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.  You may switch lessons with another student. Please notify me if you do so. 


Studio Etiquette

* Please don't make a habit of asking other students which piece or book they are on. Some don't mind being asked this question, but many prefer not to be quizzed on this one.

If a child wishes to volunteer the information because they are proud of a particular achievement, that is fine. Just remember, it is not what piece we play but how we play that matters (musically, with beautiful sound, good intonation, technical proficiency etc). We can all learn something from each other regardless of age and current book. The same applies to questions such as 'What grade are you on?' 

* Out of respect for the neighbours and my students having a lesson, please try to be quiet as you come in and out of the studio.

* If bringing younger siblings to lessons, please only bring toys that are quiet so as not to distract the child having their lesson. Bring things that can be cleared away quickly so as not to delay the next lesson.


* Please leave the toilet area as you would wish to find it.

Parents should accompany young children to the toilet.


* Wash hands before the lesson. 

* The teaching studio is a food free zone as several children have allergies.


* Bring all relevant materials to each lesson:

Note book, pen, Suzuki books, group repertoire.. etc


* I have a strong preference for note taking with pen and paper rather than a phone. 

For the following reasons:
- The act of writing with pen on paper instills the information much better in the brain than typing it on a screen

- Your child needs to know that they have your attention during the lesson. Sharing your attention with a notebook will feel totally different to a child than you using a phone. Feel free, however to use your phones to take pictures and videos.

I do understand that phones need to be on for family emergencies, so if you need to make an important call outside please do so.  I also ask that phones not be used in group lessons, except to take photos or videos. 

* If partners, carers or grandparents occasionally attend lessons in place of the main Suzuki parent, they should be prepared to take notes and give the lesson their full attention. Please make sure to relay this information to them.  

Illness Policy

I request that students who have had a temperature or been sick within 24 hours, do not attend private lessons or group classes. The same guidelines are suggested for students with nausea. I reserve the right not to teach students who are ill, or appear to be suffering symptoms of the flu. As a general rule, if your child has not been well enough for school, they are not well enough for their violin lesson. 


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