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White Silk

Founded in Japan, also known as the 'Mother-Tongue' method, Suzuki was inspired by the fact that children so effortlessly learn to speak their native tongue. Prompted and encouraged by the parents' love and the family environment, the child responds and develops this most difficult of skills, that of intelligible speech. Suzuki closely follows the parallel with language learning and recommends that music should become an important part of the baby's environment from birth (or even before). When the child's environment includes fine music as well as the sounds of the mother-tongue, it is understandable that the child will develop the ability to play a musical instrument (with technical guidance) before being required to read.


Music is an art form. If the students take that art form to a high level, it will have an impact on everything else they do. A child who has learned to struggle with difficult tasks in their violin lessons, transfers this skill over into their school work and all of their other life activities. Children who grow up in an environment that is rich in music will be able to develop musical talent. What I aim to achieve, is to instil in all children a love of music. Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in a total environment of support; they develop confidence and positive self esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline and concentration, as well as a lasting enjoyment of music, the sensitivity and skill for making music. 

Suzuki Method

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